Sound and Video

I have been experimenting with improvisational sound performance since 2008. This has involved  laptop, IR and conductive sensor devices and paintings / objects/ 3D printed elements, synthesised 3D position data (Nintendo Wii & Leap Motion controller), and projected sound reactive realtime video feed. My approach is improvised.



Bush Fashion/Ketokai/Tina Douglas Nighthawks, Collingwood

Siphonophore/Realms/Tina Douglas*/Seclude Radio Bar, Fitzroy


Live Electronic Showcase 20 Swamplands Bar, Thornbury. Featuring: Justin Ashworth: Sound Artist, Cleaning lady, Tina Douglas, Mr Rachele

Diffusion II Horse Bazaar, Melbourne, Beliegha (Curse Ov Dialect), Xenosine, Tina Douglas*, Exogene + Puscha

Resonant House Party Iron Rose, Tina Douglas*, Chris Rule and Skuene, Scenic Recovery, Niddrie

PAY ATTENTION! Performed as part of event. 8 Acts. The Tote, Collingwood | Tina Douglas - Laptop, sensor devices synthesizing 3D position data projector, found & recorded sounds, sound reactive video feed, Make It Up Club, Fitzroy

*sound/ conductive objects/sound reactive video projection



Blindfold test: a showcase of instrument builders The Burrow, Fitzroy. Clinton Green & Ernie Althoff, Tina Douglas & Michelle Nguyen, Jen Tait (Gwenhwyfar) & Zela Papageorgiou


New Dimensions in Incomprehensibilities 2 - Admin.Bldg./ Paul Kidney Experience & Sean Baxter / Tina Douglas & Dave Brown, The Burrow, Fitzroy

Rcktsrgry, kutuk, chris rule & skueue, Eamon C-J, Grumpy's, Fitzroy

Sacred Order of Magnitude - Justin Ashworth - Die Like a God | Kutuk, The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar, Melbourne

Shabara/Suryadi/Pbbbt/Parwata; Reidy/Douglas/Pultz; ES, The Make It Up Club, Fitzroy


Douglas/Mikayama, Slithers/Chen, Liebscher/Scott Make It Up Club, Bar Open, Fitzroy

PKE-Tina Douglas-Hi Vis play AESO, AESO Studio, Fitzroy

Powered by Steam 3 Grant Overend + Nat Grant, Anthony Cooley + Sorcha Wilcox, Tina Douglas + David Prescott-Steed, The last Chance Rock n Roll Bar, Nth Melbourne


Melbourne Drone Orchestra. Supported by Galereh Pour & Adam Simmons, Sacred Order of Magnitude, Memo Hall, St Kilda | 5 Rankins Lane, Melbourne. Showing selected work by Sarah de Teliga, Tina Douglas, Brooke Fitzsimons, Adrienne Gaha, Conner Grogan, Tim Maguire, Matthew Martin, Stefan Mau, Ilya Milstein, Marlee Pasinetti

BK Opera Presents: Carmen, Howler, Brunswick.Supporting act ****Sacred Order of the Magnitude featuring Matt Refund, Shane Van Den Akker, Tina Douglas, Nik Kennedy

Sound of Not Doing #2 ****Sacred Order of the Magnitude, Magnet Studios, Coburg

Tina Douglas /Refund/Flat Effect LongPlay, Nth Fitzroy

R/P/W Curates Aeso Studio, curated by Richards/Palliser/Wadley. Ian Wadley/Seth Rees Duo - Guitar & Guitar. David Palliser/Tina Douglas Duo - Woodwinds, effects| Video & computer music. Stevie Richards/Maria Moles Duo - DIY Analog Modular Synth / Drums, effects


SOUND OF NOT DOING #01 visuals: sound reactive video feed, Magnet Studios, Coburg

Fire & Sound 1 Barisal Guns* Magnet Studios, Melbourne

DISCO MULTIVERSE Barisal Guns* Tote Upstairs, Collingwood

Black Zenith w/ Vijay Thillaimuthu / Lloyd Honeybrook & Tina Douglas Conduit Arts, Fitzroy

Tina Douglas with Peter Webster Make It Up Club, Bar Open, Fitzroy

Tweak IV, Studio 5, Fitzroy. Julia Reidy + Lloyd Honeybrook, Rod Cooper, Left Hand Rath (Michael Famularo + Toby Brodel), Human Lard (Nik Kennedy, Stevie Richards), Barisal Guns* (Tina Douglas + Peter Webster)


Noise Flash@ Liquid Architecture aka WilhelmScream (Tina Douglas), Laptop, sensor devices synthesizing 3D position data (Nintendo Will controller, Leap Motion controller, Xbox Kinect) found and recorded sounds, Melbourne Museum, Melbourne

Noise Flash aka Rhizome (Tina Douglas), Laptop, Nintendo Will controller, found and recorded sounds, Royal Botanical Gardens, Melbourne


Drawing in Space Phillis Palmer Gallery, Latrobe University, Bendigo

DE-Light, Longplay, Melbourne aka As Yet Unnamed Universe (Nik Kennedy, Tina Douglas, Phil Holquinn)

Tweak Studio 5, Fitzroy, RCKTSRGRY**

Great Waitress @ Richmond Uniting Church supporting act RCKTSRGRY* Richmond


Make It Up Club RCKTSRGRY**, w/Vintage B Space mashup projection (Tina Douglas), Bar Open, Fitzroy


Stutter Holy Boner, with aka Grand Guigonal (Tina Douglas)- 100 ways to die - Horror mashup projection, Horse Bazaar, Melbourne

RCKTSRGRY** CD launch with Marco Fusinato, Brad Smith, & Chicks on Weed, Pony Bar, Melbourne

Off The Kerb Gallery RCKTSRGRY** collaboration with Eros, visual artist, Off The Kerb Gallery, Collingwood


Make It Up Club RCKTSRGRY** Bar Open, Fitzroy

Stutter RCKTSRGRY** Horse Bazaar, Melbourne

Make It Up Club, Holy Boner, with aka Grand Guigonal (Tina Douglas) visuals: horror mashups, Bar Open, Fitzroy  

2001 - 2004

The History Of The Things That Go Missing -a portrait of the artist Jimmy Fuller 2003

I produced and co directed this film which featured the artist Jimmy (Harold) Fuller, Veronica Gardens Retirement Village, Northcote, Melbourne. Jimmy had previously been an artist attending Arts Project Australia studios for many years. He was the original person at Arts Project Australia who inspired me to come up with the Animation and media art program I initiated and developed in the studios as an artsworker in 1998 - 2001.