Sound and Video

I have been collaborating with a number of improvisational sound performers over the last 8 years. Lately this has involved me using a DIY electronics and conductive objects & paint, laptop, sensor devices which synthesise 3D position data (Apple Magic Pad, Nintendo Wii & Leap Motion controller), and projected sound reactive realtime video feed. My approach is improvised. Recently I created an installation, node 2017 at Alternating Current Space which attempted to bring my sound experiments and visual language together in a gallery context. Previous to this I experimented with related ideas but in a gallery space context (see 2001-2004 below). These ideas I am still thinking about.


Shabara/Suryadi/Pbbbt/Parwata; Reidy/Douglas/Pultz; ES - Julia Reidy [DE/AU](Guitar)/Tina Douglas (3D Sensors/Conductive Fabric)/Adam Pultz Melbye [DE/DK](Double bass/Electronics), The Make It Up Club, Fitzroy.


Improv Intensities Richards/Palliser/Wadley, Mick Turner solo, Dave Brown + Tina Douglas, The Night Heron, 228 Nicholson Street, Footscray, Victoria, Australia 3011

Sacred Order of the Magnitude, Make It Up Club, Bar Open, Fitzroy

Douglas/Mikayama, Slithers/Chen, Liebscher/Scott Make It Up Club, Bar Open, Fitzroy

node 2017, Tina Douglas, interactive installation. Three parts: rim 2017, Latex paint on found wood, stainless steel fibre, micro controller, speaker, dimensions variable (ring 114 x 114 x 4 cm), thread; thread 2017 Fingernail burnished, pin pricked cotton rag paper, stainless steel fibre, micro controller, speaker, dimensions variable; felt 2017 Merino wool, stainless steel fibre, micro controller, speaker, dimensions variable (felt piece 33 x 74 cm), Alternating Current Space, Windsor, Melbourne

Powered By Steam. Featuring: David Prescott-Steed, Grant Overend, Anthony Cooley, & courtesy of (no)signal: Nat Grant, Sorcha Wilcox, Tina Douglas, Uboa-Ω. , The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar, North Melbourne.

PKE-Tina Douglas-Hi Vis play AESO. Paul Kidney Experience, Tina Douglas & Hi Vis. Aeso Studio, Fitzroy.


PAY ATTENTION! The Tote, Collingwood. Featuring some of Melbourne's most deserving noise, metal, aggro and otherwise heavy practitioners, PAY ATTENTION is an event that addresses representation and difference in contemporary sound. 8 acts of carnage delivered by amazing female, gender-non-conforming and non-binary artists: LITTLE DESERT, MILITARY POSITION, HEXTAPE, HOSPITAL PASS, ERCHA, SLUMBER KITTY, ABRUPTICKLE, TINA DOUGLAS

Melbourne Drone Orchestra. Supported by Galereh Pour & Adam Simmons | *Sacred Order of the Magnitude, Memo Hall, St Kilda

BK opera Presents: Carman, Howler, Brunswick. Supporting act *Sacred Order of the Magnitude

*Sacred Order of the Magnitude, Sound of Not Doing #2, Magnet Studios, Coburg

Tina Douglas/Refund/Flat Effect Tina Douglas - Live audio/visual interactions on the big screen / Refund - Surgically delivered polyrhythms and complex harmonies / Flat Affect - Improvised sequencing within a strictly narrow palette. LongPlay, Fitzroy North, Melbourne

R/P/W Aeso Studio, curated by Richards/Palliser/Wadley. Ian Wadley/Seth Rees Duo - Guitar & Guitar. David Palliser/Tina Douglas Duo - Woodwinds, effects/video & computer music. Stevie Richards/Maria Moles Duo - DIY Analog Modular Synth/Drums, effects

Make It Up Club, Melbourne. Sister feat. Marco Cher-Gibard (Sampler) & Ben Speth (Guitar) | GNAUMGN feat. A Demon Sheen (Guitar, Kaos Pads) & David Prescott-Steed (Guitar, Kaos Pads | Tina Douglas (Electronics) 

NO SIGNAL Sound Art Compilation (Vol. 1) Release. A selection of artists both established and emerging making contributions to the sound + multimedia art scene in Melbourne and compiled in USB format. Contributing artists: ASPS, Aviva Endean, Carolyn Connors, Cheap Present, Colostomy Baguette?, David R. Coen, EN.V, Eves, Expurgatory, Karli White, Keith W. Clancy, Lara Soulio, Lisa Lerkenfeldt, Llara Isabell Arena, Louis Fourie, Michael Candy, Military Position, Miranda Liebscher, Papaphilia, Ruby Fiedler, Savage Nobles, Thembi Soddell, Tina Douglas

SOUND OF NOT DOING #01 @ Magnet Studios, Melbourne. 5+ Hours of Drone/Ambient/Psych. Visuals by Tina Douglas, Xenosine.

*Sacred Order of the Magnitude is a Microtonal/xenharmonic ambient group project, featuring Matt Refund, Shane Van Den Akker, Tina Douglas, Rob Curulli, Nik Kennedy


Tweak IV @ Studio 5, Melbourne , barisal-guns 12/12/15

Fire & Sound 1 @ Magnet Studios, Melbourne , barisal-guns 23/5/15

DISCO MULTIVERSE at Tote Upstairs, Melbourne, barisal-guns 12/5/15

*barisal-guns is a collaboration between Tina Douglas & Peter Webster. Laptop, sensor devices synthesising 3D position data (Apple Magic Pad, Nintendo Wii & Leap Motion controller), sound reactive realtime video feed.

Conduit Arts, Melbourne. Lloyd Honeybrook/Tina Douglas,

Make It Up Club, Melbourne - Tina Douglas (Electronics*)/Peter Webster(Electronics),

*Laptop, sensor devices synthesizing 3D position data (Nintendo Will controller / Leap Motion controller), electronics, sound reactive video feed.


Noise Flash@ Liquid Architecture, aka WilhelmScream, Melbourne Museum, Melbourne

DE-Light, Longplay, Melbourne aka As Yet Unnamed Universe

Noise Flash @ Royal Botanical Gardens, Melbourne aka Rhizome,

Tweak, Studio 5, Melbourne, RCKTSRGRY

Great Waitress @ Richmond Uniting Church supporting act RCKTSRGRY, Richmond, Melbourne


Make It Up Club, Melbourne  - RCKTSRGRY, w/Vintage B Space mashup projection 15/3/11,


Stutter, Melbourne  - Holy Boner, with aka Grand Guigonal (Tina Douglas)- Horrormashup projection  10/3/10

RCKTSRGRY CD launch with Marco Fusinato, Brad Smith, & Chicks on Weed, 8/4/10, Pony Bar, Melbourne 8/4/10

Off The Kerb Gallery - RCKTSRGRY collaboration with Eros, visual artist, 30/7/10, , Collingwood, Melbourne


Make It Up Club, Melbourne  - RCKTSRGRY 3/3/09

Stutter, Melbourne - RCKTSRGRY 6/5/09


Make It Up Club, Fitzroy, Melbourne - Holy Boner, with aka Grand Guigonal (Tina Douglas) – horror video mashups

*RCKTSRGRY is a sound & visual collaboration between Tina Douglas on laptop and Nintendo Wii controller/visuals, and Nik Kennedy on pedals, electronics, adapted instruments).


2001 - 2004

betaversion were a series of interactive image experiments with sound I conducted during 2001 -2004.

The experiments involved a data projector, computer, infrared mouse, stretched canvases with prepared reflective surfaces, triggered recorded sounds. The audience activated and triggered visual animations and recorded sounds via a mouse. The projected images bounced off the various reflective surfaces in different ways creating a kind of depth of field experience. The stretched canvases were arranged upright at various positions to create different "planes" for the projection to project on to.

The betaversion experiments were first inspired by experiments with real-time digital painting at Pinacotheca gallery, Melbourne in 2001 which used a digital projector, computer, infrared mouse, Photoshop and VR programs.  Experiments at my flat also contributed at the time as it had lots of doors I could open or shut to different rooms and first demonstrated to me the idea of projecting on to physical surfaces and planes to create a visual space I was interested in.

betaversionpack, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Studio 15, Abbey Studios, Richmond, Melbourne

betaversion 4.2, First Site Gallery, RMIT University, Melbourne


The History Of The Things That Go Missing -a portrait of the artist Jimmy Fuller 2003

I produced and co directed this film which featured the artist Jimmy (Harold) Fuller, Veronica Gardens Retirement Village, Northcote, Melbourne. Jimmy had previously been an artist attending Arts Project Australia studios for many years. He was the original person at Arts Project Australia who inspired me to come up with the Animation and media art program I initiated and developed in the studios as an artsworker in 1998 - 2001.