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Douglas/Mikayama, Slithers/Chen, Liebscher/Scott


25 July 9 - 11PM

This week we bring you an audio/visual delight with three duos each taking something visual based and re-writing the instruction manual.

First up is Tina Douglas and Yuka Mikayama. Tina wields conductive paint, felt, objects and sound devices like a wizard to take your painting preconceptions and knock them out of the ballpark. Yuka, practitioner of the weird and wonderful adds her voice, objects and performative movement to please your ears and your eyes.

Joining them on the line up is Tyson Slithers and Emily Chen. Emily skilfully operates a/many scanner/s while Tyson tends to the electronic processing front. Together they traverse the newest (and best) frontier for office appliances.

Also with us is Miranda Liebscher and Jessie Scott. Both are practicing video and sound artists and tonight unite to twinge your nostalgia nerve with good old fashioned VHS manipulations. 

• Jessie Scott (VHS & more) & Miranda Liebscher (Electronics & more)
• Tyson Slithers (Computer) & Emily Chen (Scanners)
• Tina Douglas (Electronics, Objects, Conductive Paint) & Yuka Mikayama (Voice, objects)

The Make It Up Club

Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance

Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065

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Sacred Order of Magnitude