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Exhibiton Details:
Closing event - Friday, Dec 21st, 6-9pm
Exhibition runs Dec 19th - 22nd 2018

Five Walls warmly welcomes you to join us on Friday, December 21st for SUPPORT 18, a group exhibition across all the Gallery spaces.

SUPPORT 18 is equally an exhibition and a fundraiser, with the commission raised supporting the practices of artist and also used to fund the Five Walls 2019 program - therefore proceeds will be evenly divided: 50% to the artist and 50% to the Gallery.  

SUPPORT 18 will fund Five Walls' new Curator Program. The 2019 Curator Program will feature three exhibitions curated by Billy Gruner, David Thomas and Craig Easton in collaboration with the Director and Committee. The program will introduce new artists and audiences to the Gallery from across Australia and internationally.

Five Walls is expanding in 2019 with a large new gallery space showing a variety of exhibitions, including the Curator Program.

As SUPPORT 18 is our final show for 2018, the evening will also be a celebration for artists and friends. We are grateful for your continuing support!

ARTISTS (so far) include:

Aaron Martin
Raymond Carter
Donna Comfort
Shelley Jardine
Billy Gruner
Kyle Jenkins
Tina Douglas
Brett Colquhoun
Shaun O'Connor
Jimmy Langer
Khi-Lee Thorpe
Ian Wells
Ellie Chalmers-Robinson
Mark Wingrave
David Freney-Mills
Andrew Gutteridge
Julianne Clifford
Adrien DeVries
Rebecca Monaghan
Graziela Guardino
Alizon Grey
Graeme Thompson
Yuria Okamura
Annelies Jahn
Amarie Bergman
David Thomas
Craig Easton
Patricia Todarello
Peter Leigh
PJ Hickman
Phil Edwards
Joyce Huang
Karen Wells
Simon Morris
Louise Blyton
Sally Tape
Stephen Wickham
Rhett d’Costa
Robin Kingston
Fiona Halse
Max Lawrence White
Kubota Fumikazu
John Aslanidis 
Chris Packer
Donna Comfort 
Wendy Kelly 
Michael Bullock
Charlotte Watson
Peter Fifer
Chris Bond
Adrien Allen
Jason Haufe
Nancy Constandelia
Susan Andrews
Elke Varga
Nick Berry
Stephen Haley
Darren Wardle

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Exhibiton Details:
Closing event - Friday, Dec 21st, 6-9pm
Exhibition runs Dec 19th - 22nd

Five Walls (all galleries)
suites 2, 3 & 4, level 1 /119 Hopkins St Footscray
Open Wed-Sat 12-5pm